Get your Lasting Power of Attorney Done in a Day (BETA TEST) - LIVE 31 July 2024

You'll want to choose Sign Up Type "Form" when setting up this product. I don't recommend triggering an immediate email from your email tool when they sign up for this product, as most likely they'll be completing the questions and triggering a confirmation email then (I've included a swipe email in the lesson text of this template product).


This is the content people will see if they DON'T have access to this product/application.

Before someone takes action/applies they usually want to know:

  • why are you the person to help them? (i.e. credibility boosts, testimonials, the way you write your copy, the overall feel of how you structure your offer)
  • how will it help them solve their issue or support them
  • what is included in the package?
  • how much will it cost, will there be a payment plan
  • have others had positive experiences working with you (aka testimonials/case studies/client stories)
  • will they get results from this investment (this is essentially a question of whether they trust you to help them move past their current stuck point)
  • how to contact you if they have questions before applying
  • how do they move forward in working with you, i.e. apply
  • how soon will they hear from you after applying and what will the expectations be (i.e. I'll be in touch within 24 hours. If I believe we're a good fit based on your answers, I'll share a few options on how we can work together. If we aren't a good fit, I'll give you some guidance on what next steps I would recommend.) 
  • are they committed in any way by applying

4 Modules

What is an Attorney?

Health - LPA

Financial LPA

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