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Michael Williams - Head Facilitator

Michael is our Head Facilitator and works closely with Jane to lead a growing and wonderful team of trainers to deliver the training. He also works with individuals and groups as an End of Life Planning Facilitator, helping others 'get their ducks in a row'!

Please contact Michael for any queries regarding the content of the training and for any questions you'd like to bring to the coaching calls. His email is:

Diane De Vivo - Licensed Facilitator

Diane is a certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a licensed facilitator for Before I Go Solutions. Losing her mother unexpectedly with no EOL plans in place, taught Diane the value of having those hard conversations before it’s too late. And so, when she was given the opportunity to incorporate end-of-life planning into her coaching as a facilitator for Before I Go Solutions, she jumped at it. She knew she could help others not go through what she had gone through with her mother’s death. One of Diane’s passions is to support those who are grieving the loss of their pets or other animals in their care. Diane's contact details are:

Grace Kym Thorne - Licensed Facilitator

Grace is a death doula and a licensed Before I Go Solutions facilitator. Using the Before I Go method, Grace transforms this very practical work into something sacred and even fun! In five straightforward modules, Grace supports and empowers clients to create their own meaningful death experience. Grace works virtually with clients from all over the world via zoom. She runs group coaching sessions and also works privately with clients and couples to help them complete their end of life plans. Grace specialises with supporting people in the death and health care industries. People that know how important this work is but need the accountability and support to actually get it done! You can reach Grace on: or follow her on social media @deadpositivedoula 

Kathryn Koromilas - Licensed Facilitator

Kathryn is a writer, educator and licensed Before I Go Solutions facilitator, inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, such as the Stoics. These philosophers contemplated death daily as a philosophical exercise and this head-on, though gentle, approach has deeply transformed Kathryn's life. When she started contemplating death and planning her end-of-life, everything changed: her outlook on life, the things she says yes to, her personal values, the way every single day looks for her... You can get in touch with Kathryn here:

Julie Nierenberg - Licensed Facilitator

Julie is a freelance writer, editor, lifelong educator, artist and licensed Before I Go Solutions facilitator. Her heart-led purpose evolved over the past decade to include end-of-life education. Following the profound impact of her dad's passing, she published a short memoir called Daddy, This Is It. Being-with My Dying Dad. She has also co-published a collection of 54 unique perspectives called Journey's End: Death, Dying and the End of Life. You can connect with Julie here:

Rachel Gwilym - Licensed Facilitator

Rachel models herself on The Beautiful Crone of Córdoba — have you heard this story? Everyone knows she’s a witch but she’s so kind and helpful nobody minds. She has long white hair, and even though she’s very old, she walks with the gait of a young girl. She gazes into her crystal ball and whispers her magic words. Rachel’s crystal ball tells her that we all suffer loss and we all die. Her magic words are I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you — and a well crafted story. As a storyteller, Grief Recovery Method Specialist, End of Life Planning Facilitator and Funeral Celebrant, Rachel brings her magic to the world. If you'd like to connect with Rachel, get in touch here:

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For any queries regarding the content of the training and for any questions you'd like to bring to the coaching calls, please contact our Head Facilitator Michael Williams on

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We have a great team of facilitators to make sure your training journey is as graceful as possible.

Please have a look at the brief introductions to our team members, so you know who will be helping you on your BIGS journey

Use for any queries, unless it is about the content of the training, in which case contact Michael directly. 

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